Sports Injury Rehabilitation


A comprehensive evaluation whether you are pre/post or non-surgical, to establish structural and biomechanical contributions to pain, lack of mobility, weakness, poor posture, and deficient performance, will begin your road to recovery.

Creating a customized treatment plan including skilled manual therapy, mobilization and stretching, neuromuscular re-education, stabilization, therapeutic exercise, education and modalities will be developed to restore functional activity to return to competition.

  • Aquatic therapy is an excellent avenue for sports related performance enhancement or return to competition from an injury, and may be suggested by your physical therapist.
  • Custom in shoe orthotics may be a recommended piece to restore correct bio-mechanical foot and ankle position.
  • A Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA*) may also be utilized.

*The SFMA is a series of seven full body movement tests designed to assess fundamental movement patterns such as bending forward or squatting down.  Performed by a SFMA trained physical therapist, the clinical assessment is through the perspective of movement patterns to identify meaningful movement dysfunctions that can be contributing to the primary musculoskeletal complaint even if it is seemingly unrelated.  Findings from the SFMA will be used to prescribe specific corrective exercises and treatment plan to address movement dysfunction with a whole-body approach for pain-free functional mobility.